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Cynthia stared out her window,watching the rain pour down on this boring day. She was looking forward to hanging out with her friend,Dawn,but obviously no one would even bother going out in this weather.
  Cynthia sighed and muttered to herself "we were gonna have so much fun to.." she walked over to her bed and dropped onto it. She closed her eyes and wished that Dawn was with her right now. The thought of Dawn made Cynthia blush,but she quickly shook that feeling away. 'oh please',she thought. 'I'm twenty five and she's only sixteen,might as well label myself as a pedophile instead of a champion..'. She closed her eyes and listened to the rain,she quickly opened her eyes and listened more closely. Was someone calling her name? She lived alone,so she doubted that. She closed her eyes once again and listened to the rain.

"Cynthia!",a familiar voice cried from outside.

Cynthia quickly got up and ran downstairs and opened her front door. In front of her was  Dawn,soaking wet with an annoyed expression on her face. "I,v been calling your name for two minutes." she said. She just stared at Dawn. Dawn parked her bike in front of the house and continued with her annoyed expression. "S-sorry!",Cynthia stammered. "C-come in!" Dawn walked in with her clothes dripping wet. Cynthia quickly ran upstairs and grabbed a towel,and she ran back downstairs and offered it to Dawn. Dawn took it and tried to dry off. Cynthia walked towards her kitchen and made some tea.

"Do you have any clothes I can borrow?",Dawn asked as she threw her soaked bag on the floor.

The Champions face quickly turned red. "uh yeah,I have an old skirt and top that you can borrow." she walked over to the living room closet and pulled out an old black top and an old black skirt. She threw them at Dawn,and the clothes hit her in the face. "Gee,thanks.",Dawn muttered angrily. Cynthia rubbed the back of her head. "sorry..". She made sure to turn around while Dawn was changing. When Dawn finished changing,Cynthia turned around and was so close to having a nose bleed. Dawn was trying to pull down the black top which covered her chest and revealed her flat stomach. She tried pulling the  black skirt as well,but they were just to short.

"W-why are you here?" ,Cynthia asked. "I'm here because we made plans to hang out",Dawn replied. "But why bother,the weather is terrible today! You could have gotten hurt on your way... "It's fine,I just really wanted to hang out with you,okay?" Cynthia offered Dawn a cup of tea,and she took a sip out of it and sat down on the wooden floor,in front of a shelf. Cynthia just stared at her in disbelief. "you came here all the way from Twinleaf town,in the pouring ran,on your bike,just to hang out with me?" Dawn nodded and accidentally banged her head on the shelf. A jar of candy was about to fall on Dawns head.

"Watch out!",Cynthia yelled. She quickly dropped her tea cup on the ground and pushed Dawn out of the way. They quickly fell to the ground,while the jar of candies crashed behind them. "You saved me",Dawn said,surprised. Cynthia stared at Dawns flashy blue eyes and  slowly moved her head closer to Dawns lips. "thanks for saving--" Cynthia kissed her. Their lips pressing against each other was like a dream come true to Cynthia. 'Now I can die in peace',she thought to herself. When they parted lips,Dawns whole face was red. Cynthia quickly realized what she had done and started stammering. "T-that was...I didn't m-mean to..!" Dawns face was entirely red,which was a surprise to Cynthia.

"I...I like you,Dawn" The Champion said. "I...I didn't mean to kiss you just now,ah..the way you look and all--" Dawn kissed her. Cynthia was in disbelief. 'NOW I can die happily',she thought. When Dawn parted her lips,she smiled. "The real reason I came here,was to be with the woman that I like." Cynthia smiled,but she was full of concern. "Dawn...we can't do this.. Your to young for me.." "but that didn't stop you from kissing me,now did it?" "well no but--" Dawn shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe I don't really have a crush on you,maybe it's just my teenage hormones going crazy." ,Dawn jokingly said while she stuck out her tongue,which made Cynthia chuckle.

"Why do you like me?",Cynthia asked. Dawn smiled. "The way you you smile like a kid when your happy,your confidence in your Pok'mon and how your mind drifts off at times." Dawn rubbed Cynthia's soft cheek with her hand. "What do you like about me?" "Your beautiful blue flashy eyes,your personality,how you go on when you think a fight is over,and your confidence to keep moving forward." "We can't have a relationship though,Dawn" "I want to be with you,we don't have to tell anyone about us,especially not my mom" "We can have a forbidden relationship",dawn said positively.

Cynthia thought about it for a moment. 'Forbidden relationship..',she liked the thought of it. "you sure you like me? You don't have a crush on Ash,Kenny, or Paul?" Dawn laughed. "Oh please,they aren't for me,your for me,your a lot sexier",she teased. Cynthia smirked. "Oh really? I wonder how sexy I can become at night.." Dawn blushed at the thought of seeing Cynthia in lingerie. Dawn got on her tippy toes and kissed Cynthia. "That'll be a sight to see" "You can see me that way after we date for awhile,deal?" Dawn nodded with a huge grin on her face. "Deal".

To be Continued...
this is my first fan enjoy! These characters are from Pokemon,which I do not own what so ever!
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YuriFanOtaku Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Professional Artist
i love it they r my fave couple! <3 i coudlnt stop smiling the whole time i was reading it!  :D
lisaand Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw thank you!
MoonlightAoAO Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
oooh! cute xD

I laughed at the whole candy jar falling. i was like yep. Cutest thing eveuuur!! Lets kiss while there's a bunch of broken glass and candies are scattered on the floor beside us :XD:
keida-shiro Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
awsome i totally support<3 nicely written too
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